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Bacchis - La Belle Hélène / Offenbach (Opéra National de Lorraine) December 2018


"Du côté des femmes se distinguent encore tout particulièrement le solide mezzo-soprano de Yete Queiroz, brillant Oreste travesti, puis le soprano Sarah Defrise, en Bacchis version bécasse 2018." 



"Enfin, une mention particulière pour la Bacchis de Sarah Defrise dont on retient l’interprétation scénique extrêmement drôle en jeune femme quelque peu écervelée et à l’intonation rappelant celle de célèbres participantes à des jeux de télé-réalité (à qui l’on doit par exemple l’expression « non mais allo » justement réutilisée ici). "

Opera online


"Il faudrait pour conclure, confier des rôles plus consistants que Bacchis à Sarah Defrise, qui joue l'idiote."



"ou encore la drôlissime Bacchis rappelant Nabilla pour ne citer que quelques exemples"

Opera online


"Sarah Defrise pour sa part, même si elle a fort peu à chanter, fait vaciller la salle par son interprétation délibérément accentuée de Bacchis, la suivante d’Hélène, au phrasé faubourien et à l’intelligence vacillante”



"Bacchis, délicieusement crispante"



"Die Gefolgsdamen sahen ebenso gut aus: Sarah Defrise als köstlich spielende Bacchis (sehr lustig die durch Alain Perrouxumgeschriebenen Dialoge) 


La Fée - Cendrillon / Pauline Viardot (Royal Opera House of Wallonia) October 2018


"Elle partage cette fluidité et cette finesse avec la Fée de Sarah Defrise, qui met en valeur les lignes aériennes de son intervention, sans avoir besoin de forcer une virtuosité naturellement condensée par l'adaptation".

02/11/18 www.olyrix.com

Calamity Jane - Calamity Jane letters to her daughter / Ben Johnston (Armel Opera Festival, Budapest)


"Sarah Defrise was truly remarkable. Her guise and her soprano voice are gorgeous. She sung the most difficult passages effortlessly with her cristal voice and was stylistically perfect in everything Johnston scored. With her acting, the piece was absolutely complete. We were not just beholders of a story, but part of the deeply tragic fate of the heroin, which could have been ours as well."

07/07/2018 Varga Péter, Népszava


Jongen - Debussy recital with Inge Spinette at Argonne, Brussels

"Powerful and luminous voice [...] the young soprano organized her recital around songs by Joseph Jongen [...] and by Debussy. In short, the most technically requiring repertoire in the art of French song. [...] The songs by Jongen were a happy discovery, so was the maturity of the soprano who offered, beyond her impressive vocal performance, moments of intense poetry. "

31/01/2017 Martine Dumont-Mergeay, La Libre Belgique



International Competition Georges Enesco: (Salle Colonne, Paris)

"The palm of expressivity undeniably goes to Belgian soprano Sarah Defrise who was awarded the "Contemporary Great Prize". Beyond her strong vocal technique and seductive timbre, the musician impressed with the rightness of her tone in all the three - diametrically opposed - pieces she performed : She stretches the lines and phrases of the poignant song "Silence!" by Enesco with calm and subtlety. She offers an exhilarating and capricious « Non ! Monsieur mon mari… » from the Mamelles de Tirésias by Poulenc. Her punchy and rebellious Thérèse, who watches her female attributes (two balloons she takes out of her bodice and inflates) fly away. But it surely is with the redoutable « Pub » n°2 by Aperghis that her performing skills confound : Cathy Berberian in the making, she made easy work of the redoubtable onomatopoeia, sound effects and other sreams of this wild and groovy logorrhoea inherited from Berberian's Stripsody."

La Lettre du Musicien, Paris 2016.


Diane - Orphée aux Enfers - Offenbach (Opéra Royal de Wallonie)


"Diane, taken by Sarah Defrise is worth a closer look. She is a domineering woman wearing a horsewhip, boots and a military outfit tailored as sharply as her diction is. Starting to sing in German, her threatening high note petrifies the gods around her." www.ôlyrix.com

"Sarah Defrise is an unleashed Diane"  Crescendo Magazine 2016


Clorinda - Cenerentola / Rossini (Opéra Royal de Wallonie)

"Sarah Defrise is one of the promising voices in Belgium. In October 2014, she made her operatic debuts on the stage of the Royal Opera House of Wallonia as "Clorinda" [...] Sarah Defrise est une des voix qui promettent en Belgique. En octobre 2014, elle faisait ses premiers pas à l'Opéra royal de Wallonie dans le rôle de "Clorinda" (...) Her stunning performance already showed what it takes to be a great singer : not only a strong and assured vocal technique, but also impressive acting skills."

Musiq3, Puisque vous avez du talent, 2014


"The two overexcited shrews,  are as odious as you wish : Sarah Defrise and Julie Bailly have a staggering stage presence!"

Arts et Lettres, 2014


"Sarah Defrise and Julie Bailly completed the cast, as the "as dumb as well-singing" sisters."

Crescendo Magasine, 2014